1. Let’s change first slide image.
2. Note: Your old image dimensions and new image dimensions should be exactly the same. In our case new one will also be 939×497.
3. Go to to yourdomain.com/wp-admin
4. Login with your username and password.
5. Hover over Slides in the left navigation. Then click Slides again.
6. Here is our image that is about to be changed.
7. Click Edit. Click on your image.
8. Click Select Files.
9. Select your new image. As we’ve mentioned new image should also have the same size as the previous one. (939×497 in our case)
10. Wait few seconds until upload is done.
11. There’s nothing important to change here so you can click ‘Use as featured image’ straightaway.
12. Then click Save All Changes.
13. Done. Close this window.
14. New image should appear.
15. Now we should check. Go to your home page. (yourdomain.com)
16. Banner will be changed.

Please see video tutorials regarding HOW TO CHANGE BANNER IN YOUR WORDPRESS TEMPLATE below: 


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